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Why Use Containers To Compost?

Perhaps you are wondering whether it is necessary to use containers for composting.

The answer to that question is “no”; it is not absolutely necessary to use containers. Out in the back yard, nature certainly doesn’t care whether the compost is heaped out in the open or enclosed in a bin. However, here are six very good reasons why it’s better to do your composting in a container.
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Homemade Compost Bins

Although there are many types of composting bins on the market, you may still choose to

make your own compost bin.

If so,  here are five low-cost styles you may wish to consider:

Style 1:  Extremely Simple And Easy

Your own system may be as simple as a circle of chicken wire, or a bottomless barrel with air holes in its sides. Just lift it away from the pile, set it up again nearby, and put the newer layers back in, leaving behind the finished compost.
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