Compost Recipe (in a nutshell)

Here’s a cheat sheet for you — a listing of all the steps involved in hot composting.

If you want to make great compost, just follow this compost recipe

1. Use equal amounts of “greens” and “browns”
Compost Ingredients

2. Shred or chop all ingredients, if possible

3. Mix together this variety of ingredients as much as possible
How To Build Compost Pile

4. Build the pile large enough to retain heat

5. Turn or aerate the heap regularly to let in the air.
5 Ways To Add Air To Compost Pile

6. Keep the pile as moist as a damp sponge.
Compost Moisture

7. Monitor by using a thermometer and make any necessary adjustment
Compost Cycle

8. Use your compost

Of course all these steps are explained in detail in different posts. Just look under the category “Hot Composting” for the listing of these posts or click on the links .


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