Trench Composting

A third easy diy compost method is trench composting

– more commonly used with crop rotation

Trench composting is way of composting yardwaste by setting up your garden so that you can do a simple three-year rotation of crop: a row of crops, a composting trench, and a path – all side by side.
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Composting by postholing, another easy way to compost.

Besides composting by soil incorporation, another easy way to cold compost is by postholing, a most unique, easy-to-do, handy way to especially compost  food waste year round. In order to be able to compost by postholing, you might want to avail yourself of a posthole digger — although a spade will do.

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Soil Incorporation

Cold Composting by Soil Incorporation, probably the simplest method of composting.

A second cold composting process often used to make organic compost in your back yard is soil incorporation — that is, burying food scraps and/or yard waste in the ground, often on a daily basis. Perhaps you’ve seen people composting by soil incorporation since it is so simple to do especially if you have lots of free land.
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Cold Composting Does Work

Cold Composting – an alternate to Hot Composting

There are many variations to home composting, and you can create compost just as easily by using the cold composting systems as you can  via the hot composting method.  Cold composting does work!

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Why Use Containers To Compost?

Perhaps you are wondering whether it is necessary to use containers for composting.

The answer to that question is “no”; it is not absolutely necessary to use containers. Out in the back yard, nature certainly doesn’t care whether the compost is heaped out in the open or enclosed in a bin. However, here are six very good reasons why it’s better to do your composting in a container.
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Homemade Compost Bins

Although there are many types of composting bins on the market, you may still choose to

make your own compost bin.

If so,  here are five low-cost styles you may wish to consider:

Style 1:  Extremely Simple And Easy

Your own system may be as simple as a circle of chicken wire, or a bottomless barrel with air holes in its sides. Just lift it away from the pile, set it up again nearby, and put the newer layers back in, leaving behind the finished compost.
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Compost Recipe (in a nutshell)

Here’s a cheat sheet for you — a listing of all the steps involved in hot composting.

If you want to make great compost, just follow this compost recipe

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Compost Cycle

Have you ever wondered what to expect in terms of how many stages your compost pile should go through, how hot the pile gets, and how to know when the composting cycle is finished? If so, follow along as I explain how to identify the different stages of a hot compost cycling.
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Using Finished Compost

Mmmm! Smell this beautiful aroma of brand new compost! Nothing like it! With this finished compost you can add nutrients and organic matter to the soil, improve its texture, and increase its ability to hold air and water.

Because finished compost does not burn plant roots, large quantities of compost can be applied to the soil at any time. Here are a few ways you can use your finished compost:
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Using A Compost Activator

If you are using a compost bin and have a compost pile in it, you will probably find that the summer’s high heat accelerates the composting process (providing the pile is humid and it has been turned to allow more air/oxygen to circulate).

On the other hand, perhaps your pile won’t heat up. What can you do? What are compost activators? When and how can compost activators help?

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