Composting by postholing, another easy way to compost.

Besides composting by soil incorporation, another easy way to cold compost is by postholing, a most unique, easy-to-do, handy way to especially compost  food waste year round. In order to be able to compost by postholing, you might want to avail yourself of a posthole digger — although a spade will do.

The idea is to dig a series of holes around the drip line of trees and shrubs, or in a fallow area of the garden (to avoid stealing nitrogen from growing plants), and bury organic wastes there. The compost is made right where it is needed. (Note: Mixing the organic waste with soil will help keep the animals away.)

You can use what space you have, then start over where the first load has composted. If the holes are dug before the ground freezes, you can continue to dispose of wastes in this way all through the winter.

To be able to bury your waste in the winter, you might fill up a few bags with soil in the fall before the land freezes, and keep the bags in a shed or other area where the soil in them will not freeze. Then use this soil to mix with and cover your waste. Neat, isn’t it!!

In the next post we will discuss composting by rotation trenching.

Till then, happy composting.


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