Secret To Making Great Compost

What is the secret to great Organic Compost?

In order to end up with a crumbly, dark, soil-like humus, regardless which process you choose to use (and there are many processes you can choose from), you must supply your compost pile with this basic compost recipe: the right combination of food, air, and water.

To begin, composting is a very basic process.   You can simply toss grass clippings and leaves in a heap and let nature do the rest in its own good time…

Or you can help it along by providing a balanced diet of the organic compost recipe for the micro-organisms who will do most of the work and a home that meets their needs. (I will address this part later)

Ingredient 1: Air

The first ingredient we will discuss is air . . . Air provides oxygen and enables bacteria to carry out “aerobic” decomposition . . .lack of air results in anaerobic decomposition.

Anaerobic Decomposition

Although decomposition can take place without much air being supplied to the pile, (anaerobic decomposition), you want to avoid doing so as much as possible.

Anaerobic decomposition is something you normally want to avoid because anaerobic bacteria produce the rotten-egg smell often associated with decay.

Aerobic Decomposition

There are two methods of aerobic composting, depending on whether or not the pile heats up. A “cold” compost pile will decompose as surely as a “hot” one, but it’ll take much longer.

Cold composting is slow but it’s easy.   Someone with more space for compost than physical energy and time to devote to it may opt for the “cold” approach. This could also be the method to choose if your primary concern is reducing waste rather than making quantities of compost.

In contrast, hot composting is a fairly fast method of creating compost and makes efficient use of smaller spaces. It does take more physical effort than cold composting, but gardeners who want as much compost as possible will usually choose this method.

Ingredient 2: The right amount of water

You cannot add too much water to the point that the compost pile is soggy, nor can you let the compost pile become too dry.

Ingredient 3: Food

Almost any organic matter can be used as food for the compost. However, the trick is to have equal proportion of “greens” and “browns” to make the pile heat up.

To end up with a pile of finished Organic Compost (often referred to as Backyard Magic), one must have all three ingredients — air, water, food.

Yes…  the secret to making great compost quickly is to use the right combination of food, air (oxygen), and proper moisture.  By doing so, you will end up with  unique sweet forest-floor-smelling compost which is like magic to a gardener’s senses.

Happy composting!


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