Worm Composting: Who Can Do It?

Composting with earthworms or “vermicomposting”  is great for apartment dwellers . . .

who don’t have yard space and for those homeowners who don’t want to hike through snowdrifts to a backyard compost bin.

In addition, kids love keeping hundreds of wigglers for pets.  As a matter of fact, worm composting can be used as an activity in the classroom.  Children just love feeding these worms and watching them wiggle around.  Any container will do the job as a “home” for the worms.

If you do not wish to build your own “home” for your worms, there are several companies now who can sell you not only the bins but also the bedding, the worms, and all you need. Just search with the words worm bins + Canada(or the country you want).

In future posts I will discuss homes for worms, worms bedding material, types of worms needed, what can be used as worm food, harvesting the worm castings,  outdoors worm composting pit, and my experiments with worm castings.

See you on the next post.


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